INFINITI Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable While Keeping Yourself Safe

Grey 2020 INFINITI Q50

If you’re like most people, then you’ve spent extra time at home for the year while your car sat in the garage. Many people assume that if their vehicle doesn’t leave the driveway often, they do not need to worry about providing vehicle maintenance. However, no matter what car you drive and how often you drive it, it’s essential to have your vehicle regularly looked at and serviced to help extend its life span.

This is just as true of an INFINITI. Although you may not have driven your INFINITI as often as usual during the pandemic, it’s important to regularly keep up the maintenance to keep it in good shape. Even if you are driving your car but have been avoiding car shops for the sake of social distancing, you still want to ensure the safety of your vehicle and yourself while you drive it. Here are a few ways that you can keep your car in good shape and keep yourself safe.

Go for a Drive

If you do find yourself at home more often than usual with your INFINITI in the garage, take it for a spin once a week. Leaving a car undriven for long periods can lead to damage such as breakage or deterioration of belts, tires, brakes, batteries, and much more. Spending just 20 minutes behind the wheel once per week will help prevent any damage due to not being used.

Take Your INFINITI for an Oil Change

Your car must have clean oil to keep your engine healthy. To get an oil change, there are two options. First, you can take your INFINITI to any center that will change the oil for you. Second, you can change the oil on your own at home. Changing the oil is a rather simple task that you can do at home. Check out videos online if you are unsure how to do it yourself.

Inspect Your Vehicle

Even though you aren’t a professional mechanic, you would be surprised what a simple inspection of your car at home can reveal. Check each side of the vehicle, the tires, and under the hood for hidden problems. Look for worn belts or hoses under the hood and check the overall condition of the inner parts. Some simple issues you can take care of yourself, while others may require a trip to a service center.

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