INFINITI Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable While Keeping Yourself Safe

Grey 2020 INFINITI Q50

Regular automotive maintenance is important for the overall longevity and condition of your INFINITI, and it continues to require attention throughout the pandemic. Some INFINITI owners assume that their vehicle may not need maintenance services if it is not being driven heavily or at all. Others who are driving their cars may be putting off taking their car to the shop for service to maintain social distancing standards. There are a few simple steps that you can take to keep yourself safe and your INFINITI well-maintained in the process.

Get Behind the Wheel

If you are one of the many INFINITI drivers who are spending many long days in a row at home, give yourself a break by taking a short drive every week or two. When your car or SUV is not used for long periods, many types of damage can occur. This includes damage to the battery, belts, tires, hoses, brakes and more. Your basic effort to drive it for 20 minutes every week or two will do wonders for its condition.

Get an Oil Change

Fresh, clean oil is essential for the health of your engine. There are two primary ways to get the oil changed, and both can be safe and effective. One option is to take your INFINITI to a service center that allows you to remain in the car while the service is completed. The other option is to change your car’s oil yourself. This is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project, and there are many videos online that can show you the ropes.

Inspect Your Vehicle

You may not be a trained mechanic, but the visual inspection of your vehicle can be eye-opening. For example, a quick look under the hood may reveal that your belts and hoses are cracking or wearing down. You can address these and many other minor issues yourself now before they require you to take a trip to the repair shop for significant services.

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