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Welcome to the INFINITI model review guide of our website. Here, we are continually updating our model reviews to give you the most accurate information on models as they arrive. A model review will provide you with the insight to narrow down the models that best fit your lifestyle. When you come in for a test drive, you will be more informed and able to tell us what you are interested in trying.

INFINITI is the luxury brand of Nissan. INFINITI presents the alternative luxury class to its (Honda)-Acura and (Toyota)-Lexus competitors. INFINITI has always sculpted its image around performance as the reason to choose it over other vehicles in its class. When you select an INFINITI vehicle, you are accepting the highest performance vehicles that Nissan Motors has to offer.



All INFINITI vehicles are geared towards performance like their German luxury cousins. Historically, the S-Edition of various models always denoted that the auto was part of the INFINITI high-performance line. The sports lines and monikers have changed from time to time to IPL (INFINITI Performance Line) and Red Sport. These editions come equipped with a sport-tuned suspension, more powerful drivetrains, more aggressive styling, larger alloy racing wheels, and a sportier interior. You will be immediately impressed with the INFINITI power and performance. It is built to hug those hairpin turns and accelerate to the head of the pack.


INFINITI autos are stylish and set you apart from the ordinary cars on the road. You will instantly have elite status when you cruise off in an INFINITI model. The body lines and contoured panels make the vehicles look stately and exotic. The Japanese headlights and front-end styling make the cars look aggressive and fast even when they are standing still. The sleek, compact design and integrated chrome accents create this seamless continuity and elegance.


While you may be able to get a lot of versatility out of a Nissan Rogue or higher-end Nissan class model. The INFINITI does things that much better. It is worth the extra money to get a better quality of paint, interior, drivetrain, and other luxurious features. People who buy INFINITI vehicles notice that they are more attractive than others in their class. The various driving modes and performance options may be a little more confusion for soccer moms. But, if you are a soccer dad and like a little more adrenaline and technical innovation in performance, the INFINITI may grow on you like the much better alternative.

We are always ready to serve you and match you up with the INFINITI of your dreams. INFINITI brand does not spend a lot of money on image and hype to sell their products. They are just great cars that take this unique position of incorporating the German performance drive into their autos. If you have been looking at a Mercedes-Benz or BMW, the INFINITI might be more appealing for your budget and family lifestyle. Please contact us or stop by for a test drive, today.

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