New INFINITI Lease Offers

Suburban INFINITI of Troy is your source for your next SUV or car. We are thrilled to support you as you explore lease options and pick out a vehicle to take home.

What Is Vehicle Leasing? How Does It Work?

Leasing provides you with the use of the INFINITI that you select for the full length of the lease term. You will make monthly payments in the same way as you would with a car loan. At the end of the lease, bring your vehicle back to the dealership for a hassle-free return. While leasing is associated with more competitive monthly payments and other perks, there may be limitations on mileage and customization capabilities.

FAQs About Leasing

Is It a Good Idea to Lease a Car?

With competitive monthly lease payments and maintenance costs covered under many leases, auto leasing could be a smart idea. Because each of our customers has unique circumstances to consider, we want to help you explore leasing options as you finalize your decision.

Am I Better Off Buying or Leasing a Car?

Leasing may be more favorable in some circumstances. For example, the affordability of leasing could be advantageous if you plan to transition into a newer car in a few years, and if you are comfortable with mileage limits. To review these and other factors related to leasing, reach out to the financing team at Suburban INFINITI of Troy.

Can I Lease a Used Car?

Select pre-owned vehicles may be available for leasing through Suburban INFINITI of Troy. Typically, these vehicles must comply with specific age and mileage restrictions.

How Much Does Leasing an INFINITI Car Cost?

Auto leasing costs vary dramatically based on the car that you select and the loan program that you qualify for. Making a larger down payment could establish lower monthly lease payments regardless of the program that you choose. Your lease terms are also determined by your income as well as your payment history and credit rating.

Can I Buy the Car I’m Leasing?

A lease buyout is possible based on the terms in your contract. To inquire about the possibilities available in your situation, connect with a financing manager.

Will I Get My Car Lease Deposit Back?

The down payment on a lease is not refundable in many instances, but the security deposit may be. If your lease required a security deposit, inquire about the possibility of a refund by speaking with our financing team.

Is It Possible to Lease a Car with Bad Credit & $0 Down?

Leases with no down payment required are popular, but they typically require the driver to have excellent credit scores. Some lease programs are available to applicants with lower credit scores. To inquire about options that you may qualify for, connect with our team soon.

Does Leasing an INFINITI Car Require a Good Credit Score?

Leasing requirements vary from program to program. Generally, lease programs that are available to applicants with lower credit scores may include a more substantial down payment requirement and may yield a larger lease payment. We want to tell you about the lease options that you may qualify for.

Can I Turn in My Leased INFINITI Vehicle to a Different Dealer?

A leased INFINITI may be returned to any authorized INFINITI dealership once the lease obligations have been satisfied.

Does an INFINITI Car Lease Include Maintenance?

Many auto leases include complimentary maintenance services, such as oil changes, wiper blade replacements, and other services. The specifics will be outlined in your lease contract.

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