How to Return Your INFINITI Lease

How to Return Your INFINITI Lease in Troy, MI

Prepare for Your INFINITI Lease Return Inspection

We know that you have enjoyed driving your leased INFINITI. Now that your lease’s end date is approaching, you must plan for the return of your car or SUV and pick out a new vehicle from our vast inventory. At Suburban INFINITI of Troy, we recommend that you initially review your vehicle yourself to identify any areas with excessive wear or visible damage. You can schedule an initial inspection with our team for assistance identifying these areas that may need to be repaired before the end of your lease. When you arrive for your initial review, we will note the vehicle’s mileage and ask you to agree to the odometer reading by signing a document.

In some cases, our customers must make repairs before returning their car or SUV to us at the end of their lease. If this is the case for you, we encourage you to schedule a second inspection before the end of your lease and after the areas of concern have been addressed. We provide convenient scheduling for all reviews.

When you are ready to drive your car or SUV to Suburban INFINITI of Troy at the end of your lease, remember to place all original equipment in the vehicle. Some of these items could include a spare tire, floor mats, a first aid kit, all fobs and more.

Find Your Next INFINITI Vehicle at Suburban INFINITI of Troy

If you have loved driving your leased INFINITI, you may be eager to continue your experience by taking home one of our new models soon. Our sales associates will show you the technologies and other features in today’s models when you visit our dealership in Troy soon. Drop by at your leisure, or book a test drive appointment today.